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Oh, are we on the path for a solution here!? That is great news, thanks for your replies Vinark!

I will work on figuring this out now. May be more work than just replacing the card, but I spent a good amount on this second-hand card  years ago and never got to use it yet so I'll give it a try and save for other gear! But you got a hell-of-a-deal for 130€!

Thanks, I'll try to provide feedback if this worked. Pat

Re: DIGI9652 with Win 7 64 bit

hehe, i've been talking people out of rme with some success ever since i've had my 96/8 PAD card resting in a drawer because of driver obsolence.
you see, creamware even after bankrupcy managed to write drivers for x64 (for additional money) under name of sonic core and i'm still using scope pci board from late nineties from them.
even digigram - which century their cards come from i don't remember already – they also provide x64 drivers, even for no extra charge.

okay, 96/8 is "very old" but it's also pretty much the only one worth the hype - i've auditioned HDSP series and they sounded slightly worse being more expensive, were cluttered with more unnecessary parts and from then on everything was going downhill. not sure when it stopped being made in germany as well.

nowadays some others make better stuff, and also there is stuff no worse with better prices. and rme can stay in a drawer... as a promising relict of the nineties :}

Re: DIGI9652 with Win 7 64 bit

"Driver obsolescence" is the wrong term here.... The last non-HDSP driver for the Digi cards (2.11) is known to work just fine on 32-bit versions of Win7 (not sure anyone's tested it with W10, though). The only limitation is the absence of 64-bit support, which has technical reasons (this concerns Digi 96 and non-HDSP Hammerfall cards). These products are now 20 years old and they were discontinued in the early 2000s...

Everything else, including the earliest HDSP cards from 2001 or so (and all Firewire and USB products) obviously does have 64-bit drivers. And the latest driver (4.30 at this time) still supports the HDSP 9652 and HDSP PCI or Cardbus cards, which are, guess what, also close to 20 years old now.

Some other companies' products from that period never went beyond beta drivers for XP....

As for differences in "sound quality" or "unnecessary parts".... No need for me to comment on that, really....

Daniel Fuchs

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Re: DIGI9652 with Win 7 64 bit

Hi Daniel! Nice to see same folks from the rme newsgroup times!
Yes, I remember using 2.11 on XP, it worked well. With later win i think the problem was lack of WDM in the driver, so you would only have sound from ASIO and with x64 you'd have nothing at all - there is no driver.
I think I'll make an experiment - put that Digi into MAGMA box and hook it up with some x64 linux pc.
ALSA did support it
i don't know how much it can relate to windows things though.

i can see a socketed 17s40lpc PROM chip on board - can it be that its contents are a show stopper for x64 win driver to be developed? we could probably make a crowdfunding thing for you to look at it and then people could burn new chips with new firmware and keep on using their cards

used to love that neat and minimal Digi UI - all the necessary stuff, no bloat, no BS wink