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Hi there, I know the point has probably already been brought up and I know it's not such a big deal but I thought that with the announcement at NAMM from Apogee about their Quattro, Duet and other products receiving an iOS update, they will be also the only high end interfaces to support not only the iPad but also the iPhone because it will come with lightning & 30 pin cables and doesn't require the apple camera connection kit to connect to the device. 

It seems to me that the only reason the ucx doesn't operate on the iPhone is because the camera connection kit doesn't work on the iPhone.(this is evident as I was briefly ableto operate the ucx on a jail broken iPhone 4 that a friend of mine has, there is a tweak called iconnectionkit that allows use of the CCK on the iPhone/itouch devices. It's buggy though because its a beta tweak.)

So I was just wondering if there was an iOS update coming from RME?;) I know it's not huge but being able to capture live shows on my iPhone 5 would really simplify an already compact setup, and would actually be an upgrade for me as I only have an older iPad.

Ill probably just jailbreak my device when it is available just to use the feature, but I hate jail breaking.

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Beyond that, a total mix iOS would be great too!


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First of all: Apogee's claim that the Quartet is the 'First professional multi-channel audio interface for iPad' is both embarrassing and ridiculous at the same time. I wonder who wrote that statement into their press release and product description? And they even continue with 'Apogee. The first to make professional recording on iPad a reality.' Where have these guys lived the last twelve months? I am 100% sure they know RME's Fireface UCX, and that means this is fully intentional. It makes one wonder why a (so far) respected brand has to start acting like that! 

Now to your question: it is not about an iOS update, it is about the interface inside. We use USB in Class Compliant mode. Apple does limit this feature to the iPad. The USB mode can also be used in a special MFI mode, which then allows for charging the iPad at the same time. The special MFI mode needs a changed hardware design, a signed key from Apple embedded into the hardware to make the iPad (iOS) detect the external unit as valid MFI device, and the need to pay per unit licences to Apple. Which also means that for this added feature a unit will be noticeably more expensive.

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Hi Matthias,
Was wondering why the 30 pin plug.

So they are (seemingly)  just using the data in out as if it were plugged into a pc or a dock, with only 2 channels available -therefore being able to charge at the same time as pass audio/data?

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Nope.  Apogee uses an Apple MFi Certified Direct Digital Connection that allows the iOS device to be powered while providing full access to all the Apogee unit's I\O for separate and simultaneous multitracking on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.  And the lightning-to-30pin adapter brings all the same features to the newer Apple devices.  Adding to this the native low-latency iOS software for control and mixing along with the higher audio specs was what made Apogee contend to be "The first pro...".

RME, please come out with your own MFI Connector so we can use your wonderful hardware to multitrack on the iPhone and not have to worry about the iDevice going dead in the middle of a recording session!  You guys are the best and I know you won't accept being second fiddle.