Topic: Rme Bad Policy


I purchased a brand new RME fireface UFX about a month ago and 4 of the inputs were not working. I asked my dealer for a new one since i was working on projects and needed that soundcard right away. He said that RME policy was to repair the unit instead of replacing it, even if it was brand new!!! It is a small dealer and they didn't have another one in stock to lend me while the broken one was getting repaired. So they lend me something else, a lot cheaper and wich i can't use for my serious projects. My problem is with RME. I don't understand why they just don't replace the damn thing and send another one to me right away. I have to wait for weeks before getting it back! And i'm affraid that something else happens after... i will have to send it again... and wait again... All that for a brand new item out of the box? THIS IS REALLY BAD BUSINESS. My words won't be good for RME, sorry. Do you thing it is a normal way of doing business? I live in Montreal, Canada, is it the same policy everywhere else?

A really unhappy RME customer.

Re: Rme Bad Policy

I don't know about Canadian laws, but shouldn't the dealer replace it? I assume that when something is dead on arrival you pretty much can return it in most countries?!