Topic: Fireface 800 no Windows sound (Windows7 x64)

Hi guys
I just have a Clean installation of Windows 7 x64 on a brand new Samsung SSD (upgraded from old HDD)
Everything worked & sounded fine with the on-board sound card (WMP & FireFox)

I managed to get the FF800 installed with latest driver (v.3116) but then no Windows sound come out from FF800.

There's no any level meter activity on any channel on all raws of Total Mix

though Windows detects FF800 ok but no TotalMix screen appeared after Windows started like before the upgrade.

Windows Media Player stop playing (mp3) whenever I enable FF800 to handle the playback sound (analog 9+10). The same happened with playing back videos on youtube.

I tried to get help from the web but so far no luck.

Please help! Thanks.

Re: Fireface 800 no Windows sound (Windows7 x64)

Actually I found out the same problem. I did a clean installation of MAC OSX Yosemite. Installed al latest drivers (3.30) and firmware (2.77). Total mix FX works fine, all software works fine. My keyboards works fine but the internal sound from my MAC doesn't work.

The level meters are not working on a internal computersound. When I want to listen to you tube, no sound. When I open Itunes, no sound. I tried to get it set up properly in the Matrix but I can't get it fixed.

Can someone help me? Many thanks.


Re: Fireface 800 no Windows sound (Windows7 x64)

In both Windows and the MacOS, you need to open the "Sound" control panel (or something with a similar name) to route the internal sounds through the Fireface. This is not something you do with RME software, but rather with the OS's own settings.

Frank Lockwood
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Re: Fireface 800 no Windows sound (Windows7 x64)

I found out same problema today after installation of drivers 3122 or 3123 under Win7 and FW version 2.77.
With both driver versions the problema is that the OS did not detect the FF800 as a sound card. Inside control panel and sound settings is imposible to choose the right sound card as ff800.
With DAU software it sound perfectly.
Additionaly to that the I found that "Total mix" and "Fireface Mixer" applications are installed an the "FF Mixer" cannot be opened even clicking above its icon.

If I downgrade again the driver to 3081, and FW versión 2.77,  the OS sound Works again.

Someone know any solution for that or what is the problema.

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Re: Fireface 800 no Windows sound (Windows7 x64)

You seem to be in the wrong thread here. First you might have overlooked the setting for WDM devices in the settings dialog. And when updating from an older driver with old TotalMix to a current driver with TotalMix FX you need to remove TotalMix manually, as explained in the manual. With the new driver only the correct TotalMix FX will work, which is most probably hidden behind the chevron in the notification area.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Fireface 800 no Windows sound (Windows7 x64)

Hi Matthias,
Thanks so much.
I prodessed as you seggested me, uninstalling manually all drivers, and installing again the new one and it Works.
The problem cames because the old "Fireface Mixer" application wasn't remove from System32 and every time it was executed the WDM setting from "Fireface Settings" App was set to 0 and it made that the OS never recognice the FF as a sound card.

As a summary of Jobs done in Win7:
- Remove the fireface drivers from Control Panel
- Delete "fireface.exe" and "firefacemix.exe" from C:\Windows\System32
- Restart computer
- Installation of new driver (MPORTANT with FF switched off).Installation procedure is executin the file "rmeinstaller.exe" in my case from Versión 3123 + NEXT till it is finished.
- Switch on FF800 till drivers are recogniced and conection between ff800 and PC is ON again.
- Check "WDM Devices" Value within "FireFace Setting" application. It has to be higer than 0.

Thanks a lot and Best Regards

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