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Topic: Adi 2 Fs

Hi Rme
Three questions.
When available
How much does it cost
Main differences from Adi2

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Re: Adi 2 Fs

https://ask.audio/articles/rme-releases … -converter

The article linked above reports that, "The RME ADI-2 FS is due to ship December 2018". It also reports that the price in U.K. will be, "£507.50 GBP ex VAT (£609 inc. VAT)".

You can compare the product pages for the ADi-2 linked below, and ADI-2 FS linked further below.



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Re: Adi 2 Fs

Hi Rme
Could you tell me about main differences in ad/da conversion berween Adi2pro and Adi2fs?
I'd like to get a Adi2fs to have 2 more channels connected by adat to my Adi2Pro. May i expect same quality? Or Adi2fs is a downgrade (about conversion)?

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https://forum.rme-audio.de/viewtopic.ph … 79#p149979

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Re: Adi 2 Fs

Hi Ramses
Your link brings me to a thread which seems to show more Pro/Dac differences than Adi2fs/Adi2pro about conversion only.
I've read features and headphones amp are not the same.
As main convertion indeed how much and in which way Adi2fs and Adi2pro differ? Not only regarding specs but also about "perceived sound", transients, colour, warm, depth....