Topic: Platform M+


I'm trying to control Totalmix with an Icon Platform M+
it doesn't work at all.
I'm using total mix to monitor 8 inputs before recording stuff in my DAW, and I need to physically control MUTE and VOLUME inputs for monitoring during recording sessions with musicians
1st / In the TM Options > Settings
Midi Connection Input & Output settings doesn't remember my selection (in my case Platform m+)
When I close the window and reopen it, my selection is gone, back to "none"
2nd / I'm using IconnectMIDI4, so I can use a virtual midiport to redirect platform's midi input and output data.
So I succeed to control TM HARDWARE Outputs Volumes, but the controller is receiving weird data so it still doesn't work.

I tried Platform in ableton live with "mackiecontrol" settings  and everything is working perfectly.

Is there anyone who's using some Icon's controller with Totalmix who can share experiences ?

Re: Platform M+

Update/Fix: On Mac, TotalmixFX will automatically reject the default device. In this case, "Platform M+ V2.05".

-In MIDI studio, Create a new device, name it whatever you want. (e.g. 'Platform M+')
-Connect/Join the "Platform M+ V2.05" to the new created device.
-The new device will then be seen by and work with TotalmixFX.