Topic: Hammerfall DSP Multiface In and Out box all Lights on Power??????

Hello Forum, this is the firts time here and i have this RME hammerfall 1 for a long time, never had problems.
But now i get all the light on in the front,  on the laptop pmcia card and on the computer to, that's pci slot.
It begun when i used the old power-adaptor that seemed broken a time ago and now i measured it again and it saied 12 volt.
So i tried it and it worked, and after a while, i think 10 minutes the in and out box begun the give errors.
And when i put it on power now, with a good adaptor (not connected to computer or so)the red error led is lit but also
all the other lights are lit in a faint way, they are a little on, so to say
Is my in and out box broken or is there still a chance it will work again.
Many thanks, Dian from the Netherlands