Topic: ADI-8DD -- Please HELP!!

I have an ADI-8 DD connected to a PCIe Raydat.

All i'm bring to do is get a 4 AES Stereo channels (8 ch) into the Raydat thru an AES patchbay so i have excess to AES devices in the studio. I been on this for hours and don't understand whats going on.

I have connected the DD to the raydat in both directions (Inputs/Outputs) everything by the manual but when i try to test it, I sent a signal from the raydat channels 7/8 (all good coming out of the DD) Now i connected the patch bay in a loop back into the input of the DD but i get the signal on all 8 channels instead of the stereo pair that it is connected to. I hope i am explaining it clear enough.

I am supposed to get a stereo signal only at the stereo pair that i connected the AES.

Am i going crazy here?

I must be doing something wrong.


Re: ADI-8DD -- Please HELP!!

It's all in the manual:

If AES is chosen as source and only one AES input is supplied with a valid signal, the ADI-8 DD switches to a distribution mode. The input signal will then be copied to all outputs (splitter 1 to 4). Therefore all level LEDs (instead of only two) will light up

Matthias Carstens

Re: ADI-8DD -- Please HELP!!

Oh man. I have no idea how i missed it. I just wasted 3 hours of my life for nothing. Haha

Thanks Matthias