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Topic: ADI-8 AE - no signal

I’ve recently acquired a ADI-8 AE.  While I wait for my interface to arrive I wanted to do a quick test to make sure its working.  I therefore connected a CD player via the optical/ADAT input, selected ADAT and copy mode and then connected ADAT optical output to a power amplifier.  With my limited understanding I think this is a simple pass through route, which would give additional functionality if you wanted it.

The result is no output, copy mode and ADAT leds are lit and the only other thing is the input led on the D/A side of the clock is flashing.

In addition I think, in this mode, the signal is also sent to the analogue outs for monitoring purposes, however there is no output there either.

So is my simple test valid? If so any thoughts on what I’ve done wrong or what the issue might be?


PS....keeping the outputs as they are I’ve switched the input to an analogue signal on 1 channel.  The ok led lights on the input side.  Still no output though


Re: ADI-8 AE - no signal

As long as your CD player sends out SPDIF, not ADAT, this test makes no sense.

Matthias Carstens

Re: ADI-8 AE - no signal

Ok not sure what you are saying.  The CD player has two digital outputs S/PDIF and optical (which I assume is ADAT?).  I’ve connected the optical out to the optical input on the ADI.

Re: ADI-8 AE - no signal

The CD player output is Optical SPDIF, ADAT is a different (incompatible) format.
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Jeff Petersen
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