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Topic: Controlling Fireface800 as standalone converter via MIDI (WinMacLinux)

Hi guys,

I found a quite good solution for my own needs and thought to put it here for reference:

Background: After running out of computers with Firewire port and also switching more and more to Linux, I got a Fireface UFX II (USB) - but still wanted to use my beloved and perfectly working Fireface800 instead of just throwing it out...
Setting up an internal routing that suits most of my needs and flashing it onto the FF800 was the obvious and easy step to using it as a standalone converter for additional I/O... But I still needed a solution to easily control phantom power and other settings - and found it in the manual and a simple MIDI-tool...

My solution:

  • Connect the UFX and FF800 via MIDI, too.

  • Download and unzip the great simple free SendMidi (available for Win, Mac and Linux!): https://github.com/gbevin/SendMIDI/

  • Simply run the following commands from the unzipped folder...

Of course you can write a batch file for easier use, but here are the commands for Windows (there are more options to be controlled via MIDI - you can find them in the Fireface 800 manual...):

Toggle phantom Mic07: $ sendmidi dev "UFX" on 62 127
Toggle phantom Mic08: $ sendmidi dev "UFX" on 63 127
Toggle phantom Mic09: $ sendmidi dev "UFX" on 64 127
Toggle phantom Mic10: $ sendmidi dev "UFX" on 65 127
Toggle Instrument "Drive": $ sendmidi dev "UFX" on 66 127
Toggle Instrument "Limiter": $ sendmidi dev "UFX" on 67 127
Toggle Instrument "Speaker Emulation": $ sendmidi dev "UFX" on 68 127

... and for Linux - change the commands to something like:

$ ./sendmidi dev "Fireface UFX" on 62 127

Keep those good old Firefaces alive!

Best regards

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