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Topic: Display Burn-In on ADI-2 (DAC)

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has anybody of you already noticed some display burn-in on their ADI2 models?
i am using the Details-Screen as my main standby-screen while the unit is operating, because it shows everything at-a-glance. Unfortunately, after visiting a submenu, i could notice some screen burn-in on my display. brightness was on 90% all the time. The unit is around 2 years old now and nowhere near 24/7 in operation. Just for casual listening on my PC hifi-setup.

EDIT: Better Pic:
left from the title-bar description "Line Out" you can see a lightly burned-in "Line Out". right in between the green and blue bars. i know the picture quality is not the best, but you get the idea...

I really like the display a lot. I also don't like how the auto-dark-mode operates, as it switches off the power-LED too. I know, this was intentionally implemented this way for a hifi-setup, but for me, this is not really practical, as i would forget to switch the ADI-2 off when shutting down the PC and leaving my desk.

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Re: Display Burn-In on ADI-2 (DAC)

Sometimes I can see a little burn in, but it disappears in a few minutes.

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Re: Display Burn-In on ADI-2 (DAC)

Im at 30% brightness and tint/contrast at 0, deafult setting I think. Never ever seen this. Try to take it down from 90%. My boxes are on from 6:00 to 23:00

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Re: Display Burn-In on ADI-2 (DAC)

another topic of the same

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