Topic: Babyface not working

i'm having this issue, i don't really know why:
i have a babyface (not the babyface pro). It works fine on my laptop, used for years.
I really need to use it on my desktop pc, but when i connect it on my desktop computer it works fine for a very little amount of time (seconds), or just for the first time i press play on a wav file, then i press stop, play again, and since there it doesn't send any output to totalmix. Or i play a wave, it goes out on analog 1/2 and works, i open chrome and it doesn't work anymore. The wav runs on play but no signal sent to analog 1/2.
Windows panel control sees the card normally. Ableton sees and select the babyface, but it doesn't work, i can't even press play, it stays still.
I could think it's a driver issue, i've realtek driver for nvidia card installed. Rme Drivers are updated.
Anybody has advices or suggestion?
Sorry for my poor english.

Re: Babyface not working


I assume you have the latest version of driver AND firmware. If you don't, please update the firmware as well!

Now, we need to check if ASIO operation works normally. So:
Open BabyFace Settings -> WDM Devices and uncheck every output.
Now open Ableton, select the Babyface ASIO driver on Device Setup, and check if you have audio playback!

Report back, and we 'll take it from there!