Topic: 96k session playing back at 48k via MADI

We've got an HDSPe MADI FX card that connects to our Digico Desk. The desk is only capable of running at 48k but we'd like to record at 96.

We have a Univeral Audio interface dealing with the inputs and the 96k on the front end but we'd like to try and run the RME MADI card at 48.
Logic will allow us to use different interfaces for in and out but does anyone know if this is something that can be achieved or does it need external SRC?

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Re: 96k session playing back at 48k via MADI


Can you elaborate, a bit, about your setup?
I 'm guessing that you want to use the DigiCo for mixing purposes. Thus, receiving from the RME Madi.

I think that you would need an external SRC, between the RME and the DigiCo, for downsampling to 48K, because the RME would be clocked to the project's sample rate(96K).
I ,myself , haven't delved into such devices, but I will research and come back!

The work-around solution, without spending any money, would be to downsample inside Logic, perform your mixing and re-upsample to 96K at the end!

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Re: 96k session playing back at 48k via MADI

Here's an external MADI SRC : … disrc.html

I don't know about price, though!

I, also, found this for Mac:

And this quote in particular from that same article:

If your iMac supports the hardware sample rate converter, the Hardware Rate Converter pop-up menu is available in the Input menu. When you choose Automatic from the pop-up menu, the hardware sample rate converter is turned on if the audio samples coming in are PCM and formatted according to the international standard IEC 60958-3. The hardware sample rate converter is turned off if the input stream is encoded. You can also choose Enable or Disable from the menu to keep the hardware sample rate converter turned on or off.

So, perhaps there is a similar setting for the Output, as well?