Topic: Digiface usb dac vs ADI 8 Pro dac

Hello, I hope you are all safe and healthy

Today I did some dac listening tests, passing time during this lockdown (I write from Florence, Italy).
I have a full RME setup: 2xADI 8 ds, 1xADI 8 pro and a Digiface USB interface that I also use as master clock (ADAT connections - 44.1 khz). I was making a shootout between the Digiface headphones dac and the ADI 8 Pro dac.

The Digiface is about 15/20 years newer than the ADI 8 pro so I thought it would sound better but is usb powered and the outputs go to the monitor controller with 2 unbalanced ts jacks ("Y" splitter cable), the Adi 8 pro is psu powered and has balanced trs outputs, so I have no idea about which could be better technically.

By a listening test I feel the Digiface sounds sharper on the transients and the highs, maybe more compressed in general, the Adi 8 pro seems more dynamic and with an extended low end.

Anyone wants to share some experiences on this topic?

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Re: Digiface usb dac vs ADI 8 Pro dac

You could try a null test. Record both, level match, invert phase and see what you hear. It is a little work but might be interesting for you and us (and something to do).

Vincent, Amsterdam
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