Topic: Setup to detect clipping on playback (Novice question)

What is a useful configuration of Digicheck to detect playback clipping?
System: FF UFX+, Win 10 x64 v2004, Digicheck 5.92. Digital input to the UFX+ is from Acourate convolver on the same computer. Output is on AN1/2 and AN 3/4 to stereo subs and main speakers. UFX+ is the 4-channel DAC. It is set to -10dBv output.
I use Acourate for "digital room correction" and add gain in the drc filters to compensate for volume loss due to the digital filters. I wish to detect clipping with Digicheck, or preferably, detect near-clipping and then reduce the gain to avoid the problem. After reading the Digicheck Help file, I set up the 4-channel display with settings (only showing key settings)
Reference 0 dB
Top Level 3 dB
Warning 0.1 dB
Level Text RMS
Level Bar RMS slow
Infinite Hold ON
RLB W.Filter ON

UFX+; MADIfaceUSB; Startech active USB3 cable; Sonnet Allegro Pro adapter; Win11x64


Re: Setup to detect clipping on playback (Novice question)

That looks correct. You can use these settings via F3, MADIface Series ASIO, Playback, to check what you send out to the UFX+.

Matthias Carstens