Topic: Switching from UAD to RME, yes?

Well, to keep it short. Bought a Mac Mini with their new chip and Big Sur. UAD will likely take forever before they'll get their interfaces to work with Big Sur.

Therefore, one question, on the Arrow, I can have a VST-host program running where I keep all my amp sim-presets stored and record in my preferred DAW the signal going from the VST-host program. Is this possible on the Babyface?

Sorry, I'm a total noob on these sorts of things.


Re: Switching from UAD to RME, yes?

UAD allready works on M1, allthough unofficially. For us everything works perfectly.

Re: Switching from UAD to RME, yes?

YES ! Mac mini and RME interface works perfect and if your DAW has a new version for this computer then it will work.

I use Logic Pro X on Macbook Air M1 BigSur with Babyface silver.
It runs perfectly.

You will not miss that UAD thing.

M1-BigSur, Madiface Pro, Digiface USB, Babyface silver