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I just purchased the ADI-2 dac and wanted to know if the forum think you need to add a USB re-clocker/regenerator before the USB input on the ADI dac (i.e. microrendu, etc.).  I using a mac mini, Raspberry pi 4 with Ropieee into the ADI dac.

If you think a re=clocker/regenerator would be helpful, what unit would you recommend?

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Re: USB Re-clocker/Regenerator

Unequivocally "NO".

More info here:

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No, this function is already built into ADI-2, called "Steadyclock FS".

Doubling it doesn't improve anything.
If something is already straight you cannot straighten it more.

Same applies to esoteric expensive USB cables, there is no improvement whatsoever that can be gained from them.