Topic: Remote control while having two RMEs


I am using RME ADI-2 DAC FS (Nov 2019 ver) as a headphone DAC+AMP and I am very happy with it. I would like to have second one for my stereo as a DAC. How will remote control behave? Will it work only with device it is supplied or will it control both devices?

I know I can connect both stereo and headphones to my currently owned unit but I don't want to. I use multi-zone streaming software and I want to have two network streamers, each connected to separate RME DAC for full flexibility. Also cable management would be an issue. I am afraid that each remote will control both DACs. Can I avoid it?

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Re: Remote control while having two RMEs

If I get manual page 18 right, remote can be deactivated for one of the ADI-2's, if that helps:

"Note: SETUP – Options - Remap Keys/Diagnosis - Remap Keys must be set to Remote."


Re: Remote control while having two RMEs

That is Remap Keys only. One needs to put a small black piece of tape over the infrared receiver spot to make it blind for the remote. Which is no full solution here, but for such an unusual application (2 units in one place via separated remotes) the DAC is simply not designed.

Matthias Carstens