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Topic: Adding ethernet port to Adi2 pro

Hello everyone,

I am in the process of discovering and understanding all of this so please be kind!

I have an integrated amp with an ethernet port at the back. Therefore it can be connected to my internet box through an ethernet cable, and I can play music using upnp from my computer.

The thing is, the dac in my integrated amp is inferior to the one in my Adi2 pro, so I have slowly started using it as a dac instead, connected to my amp through RCA.
I am so happy with the RME. I can link all the devices I could link with the integrated, really. It has everything I need, EXCEPT for the UPNP connection.

I have seen people on this forum advising others to use the Raspberry pi.
What I am looking for is a device which can be connected to my internet box through ethernet (just like my amp), and then link it to my Adi2 pro through usb (so I can stream all the music stored in my computer with foobar for example).

The streamers I have found on the internet all seem to have an integrated dac, which I don't need.
I don't know if I am clear enough!

Thanks for your advice on possible devices and setups!

Re: Adding ethernet port to Adi2 pro

You are on the right track already with RPi, just make sure that it is a RPi4 (not 3 or 2 or anything else).

Install whatever open source streamer/iradio software you want on the Pi. Connect the Pi to your Ethernet (it is a UPnP renderer which will access your music from a UPnP server on your network), and connect an RPi USB port to the USB input on the RME ADI.

Now connect analogue out on RME to the pre-in on your amp.

Use the 'bit-perfect test' with RME test files to show that you have a bit-perfect feed into the RME.

You will have spent about 80 GBP at most, and your system will sound wonderful.

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Re: Adding ethernet port to Adi2 pro

Thanks a lot for the very quick reply! Is there a streamer software you would recommend in particular? I guess it does not play any part in the sound quality as long as it is bit perfect.

Thanks again!

Edit: Oops sorry David I have just read your past posts on the forum. Very informative!

Re: Adding ethernet port to Adi2 pro

I would recommend Rune (www.runeaudio.org), it's free and does everything you need. There are many other alternatives too, but I do not believe that they make any difference to SQ - if it's bit-perfect into the DAC, then you can't do much better than that.

The other good thing about using an RPi is that if technology moves on (and it does with these type of things) then your investment in the Pi is so little that it will not stop you moving to something else if you want to.

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Re: Adding ethernet port to Adi2 pro

Hi Anthos!

+1 for Davidr's asessment of the RPI as a Streaming Device.  The Pi4 pairs perfectly (say that fast 3X smile )with your RME.   Clearly, the most economical, and future-resistant option available.  Forget Boutique Streamers.  Pi for you!




Huge isn't it?  smile

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