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Topic: Adi 2 pro spdif input and DSD

Hi everyone, I would like to stream DSD into the adi2 pro using either the optical or the coax input. I have read the dedicated section in the manual but still cannot understand whether DSD128 (through DoP of course) can be fed into the adi2 pro using anything other than the USB input.

I have several recordings in DSD128 that I would like to send to a network card with spdif out > adi 2 pro. I know the optical / coax in of the adi 2 pro is capped at 192 kHz, and that DSD128 is equivalent to 384 kHz. But Dop is quite fuzzy to me so would it be possible anyway?

Thanks for your help!

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Re: Adi 2 pro spdif input and DSD

I feed dsd from spdif to adi dsd64 as dop from cxn.
I have a feeling the limit would be 192khz too low for dsd128.
DOP sends dsd 64 as 176 kHz 128 would be 352 so no I don’t think that’s possible.

Better to use usb .
From the manual"........

The digital inputs SPDIF coaxial and optical can be used alternately. SPDIF optical also supports 2 channels of ADAT operation, at up to 192 kHz.

Re: Adi 2 pro spdif input and DSD

Ok thanks a lot, just what I thought.