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Topic: Your TotalMix FX and DIGIcheck Workspaces

My current TM FX 1.72 and DIGIcheck 5.94.1 workspaces. If you like, post your favourites as well wink



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Re: Your TotalMix FX and DIGIcheck Workspaces

Only two little blue squares with question marks visible. No image loading.
Or is it not working on macs ?
Can others see the images ?

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Re: Your TotalMix FX and DIGIcheck Workspaces

Looking good!!
And that's some great taste in music! But, I, allready, knew that by the way you play guitar!! smile

Dream Theater's "Images & Words" is one of my favorites albums in Prog-Metal!
But the album that got me into Prog-Metal is Conception's "Parallel Minds"(1993). Great album!

Frank Zappa was just out of this world!

I can see the images, allright!

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