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I wanted to do a factory reset on my new adi2-pro fs BE. I followed the manual.

  • Switched the device off (red ring)

  • Unplugged the USB cable

  • Hold encoder 1, 2 and Volume

  • Switched on the device and hold the encoders untl a message shows

Showing the message is the problem: according to the manual there would be a message 'reset done'. Not in this case. After a while there is a message 'Preamp activate (which is factory default without USB connected).

How can I be sure that the factory reset is complete and done.

Before all this I did a firmware update from 112 to 116.

Re: Factory reset

It's the VOL button you need to press not the volume encoder.

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Re: Factory reset

Did you press the button "VOL" or the volume knob?
You have to hold also the button called "VOL".

EDIT: Mark was a bit faster. :-)

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Re: Factory reset

Oh wow! That was good information.
Stupid that I made this mistake. Indeed I pressed the Volume know and not the Volume button.

Thank you both! And what a quick reply.