Topic: ADI-2/4 Pro SE: on/off and standby


it often happens that I do not use the ADI several times during the day for about 1 hour, sometimes 2 or 3 hours, but the rest of the day I do. My question now is whether it would be better for the preservation of the power supply or generally for deterioration to turn the ADI off and on each time or to leave it on all the time. What do you think?


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Re: ADI-2/4 Pro SE: on/off and standby

For only one hour use break, I would leave it on, to waiting you come back. But shut it down if break is expected to last longer. ADI has practical automatic shutdown timer -function on board, to do this automatically. Check settings.

As you may have already noted, ADI is one quite hot running little box.
Thermal stress ages electronic components, although ADI´s components are very high quality, that should withstand it very long time.
You can ease its thermal stress, by using AutoDark -function and/or lowering the brigthness of its display. If your use environment doesn´t need a lot of display brightness, and/or operating display-off is practical for you, of course.