Topic: HDSP-Mixer at 96 Khz strange Routing behaviour

Hi all,

i have a strange problem when i use hdspmixer at 96k.
As soon as i change to 96k, hdspmixers channels are reduced to 14, which is normal.
But in the same moment, i lose half of my channels.
Connecting a source to Playback 1 (Jack-Connection) doesnt let out a signal.
Connecting a source to Playback 2 plays back on first channel of my converter.
PB 3 doesnt play,  PB 4 plays back on Channel 2 of my converter and so on.
The workaround is for the moment :
Tune HDSP Conf to 48k, open hdspmixer to initialise the card, close hdspmixer (leave it closed until the end of the session) and then change to 96k.
The odd thing is, i cant use anymore hdspmixer.
Does anyone use HDSP9652 at 96k or am i the only one with this problem.
Version of alsa-tools is 1.0.25
Same behaviour in Tangostudio (Ubuntu 10.04) and in crunchbang (debian).
I tried older versions of alsa-tools, but no success.
Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance

PS: It happens with REV 1.3  and REV 1.6 Cards.

Re: HDSP-Mixer at 96 Khz strange Routing behaviour

Okay, i will ask another question.
Is there any Linux-User out there with a RME HDSP, who could sacrifice 2 minutes and tell me what happens if you:
Open hdspconf, check 48k, then open hdspmixer to init the card, close hdspmixer, change to 96k, open a player and connect it to OUT 1 & 2, and then reopen hdspmixer.
Thanks in advance

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Re: HDSP-Mixer at 96 Khz strange Routing behaviour

Hey Sonik! I got the same problem as you.
The strange routing scheme from playback section to output section on HDSPMixer remains like that after all:

Playback Output
2----------> 1
4----------> 2
6----------> 5
8----------> 6
10---------> 9
12---------> 10

... and playback channels 1,3,5,7,9,11 seem disappeared. I've applied your suggested workaround and it works! It's not the perfect solution, but less is nothing. Have you found at this time the final solution?

Note: I'm running on AV Linux (Debian)

Re: HDSP-Mixer at 96 Khz strange Routing behaviour

Actually no, ihave sort of perfectionised my workaround as explained here: … pic=3230.0
This works like a charm, i can't use hdspmixer but didint used that anyway.