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Topic: ADI4-DD copy ADAT IN to ADAT OUT via bridged AES cable

I have a signal on the ADAT IN of a ADI4-DD
This should be copied to the Adat OUT, and simultanously transmitted to the AES/EBU OUTS.

I've tried a special wired AES/EBU D25 Snake on wich I connected thru (solderd) the AES ins with the AES outs.
Simoultanously I use the AES outs via XLR (inside the XLR conncetors the in/out wires are bridged)

As you might think it's not working propperly.
I got drop outs on the AES INs of the ADI4-DD.
The connected AES/EBU's via the XLRs are working.

Got someone a solution to do this?
Solder insdide the D25 Sub Connector (tinned-Bridge)?
Use resistors in the XLRs?
Use a better AES Snake? (I got not a correct 110 ohm cable)