Topic: Fireface causes iMac to freeze when disconnected

Hi has anyone had this issue, and found a solution for it.

I have Fireface UC, when connected to my mac book pro early 2015 running osx 10.13.6 everything is fine, I can connect/disconnect from the USB  port , switch the fireface on and off, and nothing untoward happens

When using Fireface UC with my iMac , 2017, osx 10.13.6, it is a different story. If i disconnect/connect the fireface or switch iton/off it causes my mac to freeze, the bluetooth to be disabled, and the mac ejects any external drives that are connected with a warning box to 'eject the disk before disconnecting' , The only way forward is to forcibly restart using the button on the back of the mac as it will not respond in any other way.

Any help or suggestions gratefully received



Re: Fireface causes iMac to freeze when disconnected

You use the latest firmware for the UC? And the latest driver?

Matthias Carstens

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Re: Fireface causes iMac to freeze when disconnected

HI Matthias thanks for your reply

I have two fireface UC interfaces and both work fine with no problems on the mac book and both of them cause the described crash/freeze etc on the iMac

fireface UC firmware 135 and driver 3.16
fireface UC firmware 133 and driver 2.2

on my iMac from 2017  (where the problem is)
osx 13.6.6
total mix 1.61

on my mac book from 2015 (where there is no problem)
osx 13.6.6
total mix 1.4