Topic: RME MADI Router Problems


we've a RME MADI Router with Firmware 1.33b. Following Problem:

Outputs via Andiamo AD - MADi Optical - Router Optical Input > BNC MADI Output to a Digigo D5 . All synced with Wordclock. Master D5.

The first 8 Inputs are stable but glitchy sound. The rest channels have Digital clipping and also glitchy sound


RME Hammerfall MADI BNC Output thru the Router in the D5, also Wordclock Sync. Bad Sound, clippings and glitchings

All routing directly. If you want to see and hear, here a link … jNzzuJYU4M

Karlheinz, Theater Ulm

if MC is reading: liebe Grüße von Daniel Stämmler

Re: RME MADI Router Problems

Dear Karlheinz,

1) Are you using a matrix with individual channel mappings to route the signal, or do you pass the entire signal?
(synchronizing the Router to Word Clock only affects the matrices)

2) what is the current transparency setting (activate/bypass madi receiver, keep/generate new MADI subframes)?

3) can you test using a 75 ohms termination at the Digico MADI BNC input? (with a T-piece)

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Re: RME MADI Router Problems


1. ) both, direct for testing and individual mappings - sam result

2.) Active MADI receiver and Pass Active subframe - the best result

3.) DiGiCo is the Wordclock Master. So why I need a termination ?

thanks for helping


Re: RME MADI Router Problems

3) not at the word clock input, but at the MADI input. The MADI Router's output stage provides a high voltage signal which works very well with the input circuits we are aware of. If DiGiCo used something unusual in the input stage, it might have a negative effect, that's why it'd be interesting to know the result.

When you choose 'bypass MADI receiver' and then use stream based routing, the signal passes the Router unaltered (same as the previous model MADI Bridge). WC has no relevance in that scenario, it does not need to be connected at all. This has to be identical to connecting the source device directly to the Digico.

Source signal should be 56Ch mode for DiGiCo if I recall correctly (I could be wrong).

One more question regarding the two initial setups: have you tried syncing all devices to MADI instead of WC?