Topic: DIGICheck 64-bit for macOS10.15

Hi, will DIGICheck be available in 64 bit for Mac?

In the process of preparing our working system for a hopefully smooth upgrade to macOS10.15, I notice latest DIGICheck v073(2) for mac is 32-bit only. I assume it will not work with Catalina.

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Re: DIGICheck 64-bit for macOS10.15

just tested with macOS 10.15b8 ....


Re: DIGICheck 64-bit for macOS10.15

Perhaps as important, when will RME's Installer files be updated to 64 bit?

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Re: DIGICheck 64-bit for macOS10.15

Will 64-bit versions of DIGICheck and MIDI Remote be available soon? The question is urgent now that MacOS 10.15 has been released and requires them. We use DIGICheck in all recording, mixing, and mastering sessions. MIDI Remote is the only way to remotely control some (mostly static) device parameters. Thanks,

Craig Rich
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Re: DIGICheck 64-bit for macOS10.15

While I'm in no hurry to upgrade to 10.15, count me in as a happy RME customer and regular DIGICheck user willing to wait for a compatible update before doing so — in terms of workflow simplicity, there's nothing like it.

Re: DIGICheck 64-bit for macOS10.15

There’s a lot of stuff that will not work in Catalina.... and a lot that isn’t obvious.

Matt McKenzie-Smith

Re: DIGICheck 64-bit for macOS10.15

Well, last time I checked we had a total of 455 GUI applications installed (3.634 executable)
3 of those are fully 32 bit, DIGICheck is one of the them.

I wondering, there’s not been a single word from RME on it, not their typical act I believe.

Who knows, maybe we will see a totally revamped DIGICheck2020 -streamlined and stylish like TMFX. Perhaps an even further expanded suite, including more standards eg. LU(m), LU(s), IEC, Mid-Side metering, legend graphs, FFT display, options to display enlarged digits in session-environments  etc.  ツ