Topic: Differences in revisions of old PCI hdsp cards?

I have a working multiface 1 and a broken cardbus.  I also have a PCI slot on my new mobo, amazingly.

I'd like to get an old PCI card and use it with the multiface.  I saw one on ebay, but it is really old, revision 1.3!

What is the significance of the revisions of the cards?  Seems like 1.9 was the most recent?  Will some of the older cards not work with new systems?  Can the older ones be flashed with firmware to be equivalent, or is there a minimum revision to consider??

The link to the old RME site is 404, so I can't look for info there....

Any tips welcome!

Thanks in advance,

Re: Differences in revisions of old PCI hdsp cards?

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