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There's nothing wrong with DIGICheck's functionality I'm using it 24/7, it helps me to do my job better, but still I think there are places for improvement

1. I would like to suggest adding color choice for Goniometer / Spectrum analyzer bars. At the moment you can change colours in other windows, but you can change nothing in Goniometer/Spectrum/Totalyser, so as a result different windows do not fit together and they lack color uniformity.

2. In general, I think it's been a while since DIGICheck had major GUI update and from my point of view it looks outdated. So there's noticeable dissonance between modern hardware and retro looking DIGICheck.

3. DIGICheck's flat design also don't fit with Totalmix

4. Blurry RME logo in Totalyser's biggest window mode makes me wanna cry.

Again, I have no functional issues with DIGICheck, but I look at it every day and can't stop comparing it with other apps and plugins.

What you guys think?

Re: DIGICheck GUI design

RME tools are usually highly efficient programmed for some reasons.

And .. If something is not broken, why "fix" it ?

I can only contribute that design changes need to be done with extreme  care.

To many ppl are the opinion that stuff need to look modern or cool. What happens frequently is that things become screwed up without bringing any benefit.

If a new look should come, then it would be good to make it configurable, so that everybody has a chance to fall back to the old design.

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Re: DIGICheck GUI design

There's a reason to believe that RME devs do everything thoughtfully, so unlikely they will break something.

If there's a better way, It will be found. And I'm not suggesting to make something "fancier", just better and less over-conservative.

I know for sure that software can look appealing and still be stable and reliable.

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