Topic: Please make Digiface sized ADAT->Phono and Phono->ADAT expansions!

I have a USB Digiface and it works great in conjunction with my studio gear but I would love to use it with a small DACs/ADCs for my hybrid DJing setup. Unfortunately, there don't appear to be any good small multichannel DACs out there.  They are all really big rack mount solutions. There are usb solutions like the ESI gigaport but it has no inputs and aggregate devices are problematic. I would love to see a series of Digiface size expansions such as:

- ADAT->8 Phono     (for connecting to analog mixers)
- 8 Phono->ADAT     (for connecting drum machines/synths)
- ADAT->8 Spdif       (for connecting to digital mixers)

Maybe a neat connecting mechanism, a shared power solution and some nice curved cables to join them up could be interesting.

These could be combined in different ways for different setups. One could easily connect drum machines, synths etc to the inputs and the outputs could go to analog or digital DJ mixers.