Topic: UFX+ & SSL Alphalink

I have a UFX+
I am trying to connect to an SSL Alphalink via MADI.

When I set the Alphalink to 64K rate on MADI, I get noise on some channels and incorrect channel to channel mapping, i.e. I get distorted audio from low numbered MADI channels showing up on highter channels.

I don't know if I'm looking at AlphaLink problems or UFX+.

I can operate at the 28 channel 56K mode on the SSL, as I doubt I'll go over 16 channels.


Re: UFX+ & SSL Alphalink

So you are talking about 96 or 192 kHz? This forum has some posts on MADI Alphalink issues with higher sample rates, many years old.

Matthias Carstens

Re: UFX+ & SSL Alphalink

Consulting with SSL, they said it should work fine on 32 channel mode.   After extensive testing, I can't make it work.  I don't need that many tracks, so I went in 28 channel mode.

The Alphalink is an old product.  Pretty good, but lots of little quirks.   At this point, I'm guessing that it's difficult to find someone with working knowledge of a 10 year old product.

Re: UFX+ & SSL Alphalink

How surprising it is to read your post! Right now (for 10 days in a row) I've been dealing with exactly the same devices (SSL AlpahLink Madi Ax and RME UFX+) and I have the same problem.

When I plug an Alpha Link output via Optical madi into the UFX+ input at frequency 96, I have terrible noise and cracking in some MADI RME inputs.

How did you solve this problem? Can I ask for a photo of your settings in Alpha and a screenshot of UFX+ settings?
Thank you very much for the answer!

P.S. Aren't you from Moscow, Russia as I am?:))))