Topic: FireFace UFX+ Firmware version download listed wrong

Hi RME peoples.

Just wanted to let you know that for your RME FireFace UFX+ Drivers section there is a mistake.
In the "USB" section's "Flash Update" tab the Firmware download for Windows with release date of 2019-12-30 is listed as version "USB 50, TB 102, DSP 42" but this should be "USB 51, TB 103, DSP 42" (it even says so in the README file), the MAC version is right here only Windows is wrong.

Also in the whole "HDSP(e) Thunderbolt" section, the older Firmware is still listed for download for Windows & MAC without showing the newer version for download at all in this "HDSP(e) Thunderbolt" section which is confusing people to think that's the latest Firmware version available when it is not.

So the only place for Windows users to download the latest Firmware is in the "USB" section & has the wrong Firmware version listed, only the Release Date is right.
The newer version should also be listed in your "HDSP(e) Thunderbolt" section as the firmware not only updates the USB Firmware but also the Thunderbolt Firmware from "USB 50, TB 102, DSP 42" to "USB 51, TB 103, DSP 42".

Thanks for your time,


Re: FireFace UFX+ Firmware version download listed wrong

Thanks for the information. I hopefully corrected all entries.

Matthias Carstens