Topic: Babyface pro FS and OBS

Good day! Recently I bought babyface pro FS for the main goal: streaming. But unfortunately after buying it I saw a lot of topics on the internet talking about problems with OBS and BFP. Not sure whom to trust so I ask you directly about it.
My main setup will be:
1. PC with windows on it
2. RME babyface pro fs
3. Microphone connected to the BFP
4. headphones connected to the BFP
5. additional gaming device (ps4 or nintendo switch) connected to pc with the elgato hd 60 gaming capture card
I won't have any additional DAW on the windows pc (ableton, FL etc) so I wanna use only OBS and totalmix if it is possible.

Depending on the situation, I wanna be able to stream gaming on PC with microphone or stream ps4/switch gameplay with microphone as well. Ofcourse it includes mixing the sound from the source(pc gaming/ps4 and switch gaming) with the microphone and maybe some music playing from the PC. Will I be able to do this without any problem with my babyface pro fs?

P.S. Will it work the same way without any problem on my mac?

I heard that babyface pro has problems with OBS on pc/mac so I wanna know if it is true. Thank you.