Topic: Fireface 802, Remote & Monitor Volumes

Hi all.

I wondered if i could get some advice to help me please.

I have a RME Fireface 802, and have been considering purchasing a monitor controller to aid controlling volume of my monitors.  I have been looking at lower priced options that suit my budget as a hobbyist (e.g. JBL NanoPatch+).

I wondered if the RME remote would perform same purpose through controlling volume of main output in total mix - to save me opening total mix and using mouse.  I will admit I only use TotalMix in DAW mode, as mixing/routing in my DAW is just my preference and suits my workflow.

Any help on improving my understanding if:

1) The RME Remote is a good solution for controlling volume/alternative to a monitor controller - any pros/cons
2) Would the RME remote still control the main output of TotalMix when in DAW mode
3) Would the older discontinued non-USB version still do the task and work with my 802?

Apologies if these are obvious questions
Many thanks in advance

Re: Fireface 802, Remote & Monitor Volumes

I use the very cheap behringer monitor 1 (sub €40). Works a treat and very solid, better then TC level pilot which started crackling way to soon. Advantage of analogue control is it also works if something crashes or sudden noise bursts and during startup.
Sorry no experience with the RME remotes.

Vincent, Amsterdam
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