Topic: Latency Issue

I'm using a Babyface Pro into a new imac i5 16 gigs of RAM with Logic Pro X.  The project I have open is using Superior Drummer 3 and 4 tracks of Guitar / Bass thru Bias Amp 2.

1) With my I/O Buffer Size set at 128, my latency shows as 7.7 ms Roundtrip (3.8 ms Output).  With my I/O Buffer Size set at 64, my latency shows as 4.8 ms Roundtrip (2.4 ms Output)

Even at those settings, I feel that I'm hearing the pick attack thru the monitors very slightly after.  Almost non existent, but still a hair behind.  Is that normal, or should the latency be virtually nondeductible?

2) I think I'm using a USB 2.0 cable from the Babyface into the Mac.  Would a USB 3.0 cable be faster?


Re: Latency Issue


At what sample rate are you recording?

This is normal latency, I think. What you can try is lower the quality of Bias Amp(or turn the Low latency option on or off, and re-check), freeze Superior Drummer, and set the Buffer Size to 32(if you 're on 44.1/48K).
I don't use Bias Amp, the settings I recommended are from various videos I've seen on youtube.

Also, you could try recording with Reaper(by using the equivalent VST versions of your plugins), in case the latency drops a little, due to different plugin format(AU vs VST). Reaper is free for a certain time, but it has unlimited functionality! You could, at least, try it just for testing purposes(you can check RTL all the time, as it is reported on the right top corner of each project).

Also, the usb cable won't make a difference!