Topic: Fireface 400 Standalone Reset Question

Dear People,

I have an "old" FF400 (2007). The Firewire died a few months ago. I haven't yet checked if it would be possible to solve this, but I'd like to use it for a project as a standalone (it does work, although it cannot be connected to a computer).
I would like to use it as a preamp+AD converter, and get the SPDIF signal into another soundcard.

The question: Is it possible to reset the FF400 to its original settings/configuration operating it as a standalone? (it cannot be accessed otherwise)

The second question: In case this is possible, do you know if the routing will be, in the factory setting, sending Analog Inputs 1-2 at full level to the stereo SPDIF output?

Thanks a lot!


Re: Fireface 400 Standalone Reset Question

Two times no. You need to manually store that routing and clock settings into the unit, so you need FireWire at least one more time.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Fireface 400 Standalone Reset Question

OK! Thanks for the prompt and clear answer.