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Topic: Trouble with guitar DI (Brand new UFX+ owner)

Hey guys!  First post!  I’m brand new to the RME world so naturally, I’m a little lost. I downloaded TotalMix fx, all the newest drivers and the flash update tool but I’m having a few issues with my interface. I’m running an electric guitar into input 9 with the instrument button selected in TotalMix Fx and It’s registering a signal coming in but  when I try to use my amp sims, no signal is registered.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Trouble with guitar DI (Brand new UFX+ owner)

If you see an input on your HW inputs, then the problem will be much likely with the setup of the application.

Which application are you using ?
Do you use the RME ASIO driver in your application ?
I some applications you need to configure 1st, which of the channels you want to use (i.e. Cubase, VST Connections).
After that you might need to configure a track to use the proper input.
I assume somewhere there you have an issue on application level.

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