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love the ADI-2 DAC into my various headphones, but I would like a slightly warmer sound through my Audio Physic Scorpio 25 Speakers any tips on how to achieve this? ive never tried any settings out i just plug and play keeping the line out level set at +13dBu 0.0.

also can an IFI spdif purifier make any difference


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> but I would like a slightly warmer sound through my Audio Physic Scorpio 25

You are giving no useful information about the room / the surrounding conditions, what music material you are talking about,  so all that people can tell at best is pure "guesswork" ...

The DAC performs high quality D/A conversion ... very very unlikely that it sucks .. you need to look elsewhere ...

So if you do not like the sound now, then either a single item or a combination of items are the problem
- maybe your old DAC colored the sound
- the speaker simply do not sound good
- the location of the speaker are not ideal for the room so that certain frequencies are too intensive and others too low
- your listening position is not good
- maybe the room is "out of glass", too many hard reflections
- the recording is bad
- maybe your listening habits have been different for your lifetime, now you get a sound that you are not used too
- you do not have a room optimized for listening to audio
- you are missing the warm fuzzy feeling of being able to press loudness on your amp
- you are not using ADI-2 DAC's PEQ
- you are not using ADI-2 DAC's dynamic loudness feature
- you are not using Bass / Treble control
be creative .. measure ... change speaker positions ... try other speakers ... try your speakers in another room ...
use PEQ ... use NOS D/A filter (less treble) ... ... ... ...

Ask Curt ... he can tell you about the importance of positioning of speakers in a room.

> can an IFI spdif purifier make any difference

Usually simply less $$$ in the pocket...

You should describe your use case more verbose so that everybody is able to understand what the issue is, what you want to solve. Currently you do not tell which devices are connected to each other and how and what issue you have.

Most of all these solutions with "purifier" in the product description is snake oil. If you have no real issue, then you need "none" of these products. Do you have / hear humm ?

Simply try to use optical SPDIF whereever possible and if you have no humm with coaxial SPDIF, then its also fine.

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Re: tips

I assume you don't want to use the Equalizer.

So, try the different DA Filter settings:
"I/O" / "Main Output 1/2" / "DA Filter": ...
They do make a difference.

What does make a difference too, opposed to what was "common knowledge" is the absolute phase.

"I/O" / "Main Output 1/2" / "Phase Invert": Off <-> Both.

But - this setting can be optimized on a "per song" base only, as it depends on how a recording was originally done.
I use it if a song sounds exceptionally thin, often it helps a bit to flip the phase.

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Re: tips

Hi Jeff!  Welcome to the Group!

As Ramses stated, we'd really need a bit more information about your Room, Seating Location, and Speaker Placement within before any sensible recommendations can be made.

Jeff, it's really about careful attention to 1950's Stereo Basics that either, MAKE...or BREAK the performance of an Audio System.   Add-On "Purifiers", etc just don't do anything to address the CORE issues.

Help us out by perhaps providing DETAILS about your Room, and Set Up.   For starters, Listening Room Dimensions give me insights. We want your set up to reveal ALL that your ADI-2 DAC is sending it!!



PS:  Perhaps best for us to diagnose your setup in this thread: … 1&p=11

Hunker down for a long read, but we sure had fun!  It would be most enjoyable to add YOU to the success stories!

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