Topic: Sample Rate Change in Windows 10

I never used to have this issue, but it's turned into a bit of an annoyance. The symptom is every time I put Windows 10 to sleep, when it returns from sleep the sample rate will have changed to 44.1.

If you have any idea what application might be causing this I'd appreciate your help!

Here is my method of reproduction:

Use a Cubase session at 48KHz
Put computer to "Sleep"
Wake up computer

Cubase says "The ASIO Sample Rate has changed"

ASIO Sample Rate 44.1 kHz
Project Sample Rate: 48 kHz

My interface is RME HDSPe AIO. When this happens I have to open up DigiCheck to change the sample rate, which "forces" the sample rate of the RME to change back to 48k.

I am using RME HDSPe AIO as a WDM device set to 48K.

It's a separate issue, but I sometimes get distorted audio from playback (Open a youtube video and it will be distorted, but if I refresh the page enough times the problem will go away. I used to think it was an ASIO conflict from having Cubase open at the same time, but now I'm not sure if there is any correlation. I've had this problem on two PCs now, an Asus X79 and an X99 board)

I have the latest drivers/updates for everything.