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I am planning to buy the Digiface USB for Live use (mac mini, Gig Performer & VST) and I would like to have two important information.
I usually work with a Fireface 802 and my mac and play with low latency (32 samples 0.7 ms) under Gig Performer.

What is the minimum latency possible with the Digiface USB ?
About the audio routing, think it's possible to connect it to the 802 fireface (Adat 1 OUT Digiface => Adat IN Fireface 802)

Many thanks.

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I use the DF USB, in Windows and the reported latency in Reaper is 0.7ms/1.7ms In/Out, 32 Buffer @48KHz. It must be the same for Mac, I think!

To your second question, yes, you can connect it this way!

If you plan to use your 802 in stand-alone operation, just make sure to configure the routing and set it to be clocked via ADAT.

If you plan to use both connected to your Mac, then you will have two separate instances of TotalMixFX(one for the DF USB and one for the 802). Again, make sure to set the 802 to be clocked via ADAT.

If you want to have the 802 as Clock Master, you will need a second TOSLINK cable from 802 ADAT Out -> DF ADAT In and these settings:

802 Clock set to "Internal"
DF USB Clock Source -> ADAT Input you will connect the 802 to(1, 2, 3 or 4).

Hope, this helps!

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Many thanks MetalHeadKeys smile

In live we use MacBook Pro with the FF802 for the band (mic, guitar, keyboards, bass...) and Mainstage to switch between different mix.

I just want to add a mac-mini to my Keys Rig. Mac-Mini (VST) + Digiface and send the Audio in the FF802. That's all.

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You 're welcome!!

So, since MacBook Pro + 802 is your main mixer, I guess, it should be the Clock Master.
Then, you will need two Toslink cables:

DF Usb ADAT Out -> 802 ADAT In and
802 ADAT Out -> DF Usb ADAT In,

so that the DF can be clocked to the 802!