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Hi, I'm Gabriele and I'm new here, though I owns a fireface  800 since more than 10 years.
I'm going to buy a converter to expand my fireface because need better converter to transfer
the tapes (telefunken M15) in the box.
I'd like some advice from you about ADI 2 FS or ADI 2 Pro FS ?
I also found an used ADI 2 Pro (no FS) at 1000 euro, could be enough ?
Thank you everybody and sorry for my english

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Welcome to the Group!  Your English is fine!

It seems that in your application, the PRO might be the best choice.  Not in a SQ way, but in terms of interconnectivity which in your use might be preferable.

Let's have a few of the Pro users comment before you decide.

Good Luck!!


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All the above converters have less noise, less distortion and a perfect frequency response compared to that tape machine. Basically the FF800 is more than good enough for that as well. Unless the tape machine's output level is too high.

Matthias Carstens

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Re: advice for a new user

If the Telefunken M15 is still calibrated according to german broadcast standard +6dBu at 514nWb/m flux you can expect a max. output no higher than ~15dBu peak with the hottest tapes, usually below.

So Fireface 800 can easily handle the level.

Quality-wise Fireface 800's AD-conversion is still top, more then sufficient, specially if you follow my advice:

Do the tranfer in 192kHz or at least 96kHz sample rate, in 24bit of course:
• Streaming services start to offer high bitrate "Master Quality" now.
• 15ips studio tapes contain signals well above 20kHz, which would not be recorded if you go for 44.1 or 48kHz SR.
• A lot of the digital processing, specially Equalizer's and Limiter's sound benefits from higher sample rate.

• For the transfer the playback head should be cleaned as often as possible.
• Get the machine aligned if you can't do this by yourself.
It's worth it, once aligned the M15 is extremly stable.

• I check, and if necessary align, the PB head's azimut to the individual tape that's about to be transferred.
This is not easy, I'd only advise to do so if you have reference tapes in good condition and an Oscilloscope to align back to standard afterwards.

The above is giving you more sound improvement than any new converter could.

If you really want to invest to achieve a theoretical 1‰ advantage:

I'd suggest an RME studio interface that supports RME's "Total Mix FX" and DigiCheck, like the Fireface UFX II.
You already have Total Mix and Digicheck now, once you start to use it you won't like to go without.

The monetary difference can be reduced or eliminated by selling the Fireface 800.