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I have a UFX to which I've connected a Line 6 Pod XT Pro via AES. It's all working fine, no clicks or pops, but the AES sync light on UFX flashes 2 or 3 times every 10 seconds or so, indicating it's losing sync. All my settings look OK, just wondering what else I should check for? Or do I need to worry about it at all?

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I 'm guessing that you only connected the Pod AES Out to the UFX AES In and you have "Clock Source" set to 'Internal' in the UFX settings.

What you need to do is either change the Clock Source to 'AES In' in the UFX settings or
if the Pod has an AES In, connect a second cable from UFX AES Out to Pod AES In and leave the settings as they are!

In the second case, you should, also, set the Pod to be clocked by its AES Input!

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I should have clarified, I have AES connected in both directions, UFX is set as the master, and POD is set to sync to AES.

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Have you tried the other way round (Master/Slave)?

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Do you use proper AES/EBU cables (110 Ohms)?
Or just regular microphone cables?