Topic: What's wrong with the 12Mic recall?

I bought 12MIC.

I'm still verifying the operation, and I haven't been to the recording site,

The other day, from the store
I received an email and will send it back.

[We have received information from the product's manufacturer, that they need to do a recall for these products, due to a fault on it.
> Due to this, we will arrange a return for the item.]

I don't know where the problem is, but
I will return it.

Someone, where is the problem,

Or is there anyone who has been contacted for a recall in the same way? ??

Re: What's wrong with the 12Mic recall?

We've found that under certain conditions a protection circuit for the analog supply voltage might trigger too early, depending on part tolerances and temperature. This is unlikely to happen, but better safe than sorry - reliability is a key concern at RME.

Therefore we've contacted owners of affected 12Mics and asked them to hand their units in for modification. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused!

Best regards

Re: What's wrong with the 12Mic recall?

Dear Marc

Thank you for your reply.

I have been using RME's UCX. FW400. For more than 10 years for business use, but I have never had any trouble.

I trust RME products.

I am exchanging emails with dealers on how to send from Japan (whether a Japanese logistics company will come home, whether I will go to a Japanese logistics company, etc.).

Anyway, I will return it to Germany.

Best regards