Topic: AD1-2 DAC switches inputs at random

Hi there everybody.

I've tried to find an answer on this forum, haven't found one. Doesn't mean it is already there, so if this is a duplicate topic, please refer me to the correct one.

The optical input in my ADI is connected to the tv, which is connected to a Nvidia Shield. My streamer (bluesound node 2i) is connected to the coaxial input.

Whenever, especially my girlfriend, chromecasts youtube to the Shield/tv, at random intervals the input on the ADI-2 DAC switches to another input. I can't work out if it is the coaxial or USB input. Think it is the first one, as there is nothing connected to the USB input.

I hardly chromecast, just use the shield directly. Same with the Bluesound. No random switching inputs when ever occured.

Anyone recognize this, although it is a very specific problem with a specific set-up. Tips and hints appreciated.


Re: AD1-2 DAC switches inputs at random

Disable the automatic input selection and choose the input that you want to use.

Matthias Carstens