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Topic: ADI-2 DAC FS Expansion

Hey folks!

I possess an ADI-2 DAC FS and was wondering how to expand it for external hardware integration (Synths, Drumcomputer etc.).

For now I'm using the unit as an audio-interface to run Ableton and to connect my PSIs and my Beyerdynamics for monitoring purpose. And what shall i say? The sound and the conversion are simply amazing. Producing in the box is totally fine. But using outboard gear is impossible because of the lack of analog INs.

So one option is to get another interface or converter and connect it first via USB to the PC and then via S/P DIF to the ADI-2. Do you have any recommendations there? Target is the 500 - 1000 € area. And what about sound quality? How much would I "loose"? I know that ADAT is just capable of 48 kHz sample rate, while the ADI-2 DAC goes up to sample rates of 768 kHz. Practically it doesn't really matter as far as music production is concerned. But 768 kHz is nice to have, you know...
Any experiences here? Also when it comes to latency.

Another option is to sell the ADI-2 DAC and get a Babyface. This way I would solve the problem of connecting two interfaces together - less complicated and less space-filling on the desk.
And later on I would still have the option of expanding. In the end this is also the cheaper option (for now at least).
The new Babyface version also has FS. But what about the OUTs (headphone, monitors)? Are they comparable to the ones from the ADI-2 as far as quality is concerned? As I mentioned I really love the sound that this unit is producing in my setup. So I don't want to make compromises as far as sound quality is concerned.
(By the way I never use the ADI-2 for hifi or prosumer reasons where the filters get interesting.)

The dilemma is that I didn't bought the PRO version with the analog inputs right away. But it is how it is.

So which setup makes more sense in your opinion(s)?

Thanx in advance, Milo

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Re: ADI-2 DAC FS Expansion

How many inputs do you need? Only line level or also mic?
If you work at the same samplerate usb spdif and adat are identical in quality.

Vincent, Amsterdam
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Re: ADI-2 DAC FS Expansion

For this moment now it is a sampler, a drumcomputer and a synth. No recording per mic yet. But you never know...

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Re: ADI-2 DAC FS Expansion

What about a combination of RME recording interface and ADI-2 DAC FS ?

See my blog:
https://www.tonstudio-forum.de/blog/ind … our-Setup/
https://www.tonstudio-forum.de/blog/ind … ort-DE-EN/

RME products, see Excel in my blog:
https://www.tonstudio-forum.de/blog/ind … B-MADIfac/
https://www.tonstudio-forum.de/index.ph … 0-08-xlsx/

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Re: ADI-2 DAC FS Expansion

Wow, Ramses, großen DANK!

This is exavtly the information I needed. Connecting any recording device to the ADI-2 DAC will keep the reference conversion quality. And this is for sure a good reason for not parting with my beloved device.

Maybe I go with the Babyface. It's a very flexible solution for a good price. Even interesting for mobile use (live sets etc.). And the INs are also enough for the moment.

Again, thanx a lot!

Re: ADI-2 DAC FS Expansion

Gern geschehen, viel Spaß damit wink

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