Topic: RME Set up

Hi Guys

I've just bought this DAC its my first proper DAC previous set up was either the mojo hooked up to my Roksan Kandy BT amp with usb to an Nvidia shield.

Or Azur 651 BD as my CD player.

Speaker are Tannoy Resolution DC6 SE

I am trying to connect both to the RME
Firstly the dac is connected to my Amp via RCA to the CD connection

Then I'm connecting the usb to Nvidia shield and coax to the Azur.

I would also like to connect my Headphones AT SR9

The problem is I'm getting nothing coming out.

Can some body please guide me in how I go about getting this set up.

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Re: RME Set up

To get started:
• Plug in the headphones
• Play a CD
• On the ADI-2 DAC's remote select OPT or COAX (the one you connected Azur)

Now you should hear music in the headphones.

• Unplug the headphones
• Select CD on the Roksan

Now music should be on the speakers.

• Selecting USB on ADI-2 DAC's remote should play from the Nvidia shield, but I'm not familiar with it, so might be necessary to select ADI-2 DAC as play device there?