Topic: ADI-2 DAC: Loudness and Bass/Treble

I have one question to Loudness & Bass/Treble

I do not really understand the diagram 31.7 in the handbook.
The upper five curve are clear for me, but not the both lower ones at 30 and 40.
What do they stand for?

How can I image the curve for bass and treble at standard settings?

Thank you.

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Re: ADI-2 DAC: Loudness and Bass/Treble

The seven curves visualize what the Loudness Function does to the frequency response in dependency to the volume dial settings.
The legending tells which Loudness Reference Level, and volume dial settings for each curve, are used.

As the Reference Level for Loundness was set to -20 dB, the lower three curves are identical in shape.
The progressive bass and treble boost happens in a 20 dB range above the Loudness Reference Level.

I suggest to read again manual page 14 and 23 to make yourself familiar with what the Loudness Function does.

This all has nothing to do with the separate Bass and Treble control function.

Re: ADI-2 DAC: Loudness and Bass/Treble

I got it. Have not realized that the three lower curves have the same shape.