Topic: Mac/iPad pro/Raspberry pi 4 sample rate (Tidal)

Hi my RME adi-2 dac fs just arrive today and I have quite a few questions. Help would be much appreciated.

1) When connected through USB to my MacBook, the sampling rate for on RME is shown to be 44.1khz, even though it says master on the Tidal app.  I searched the forum and apparently there is no solution for this. Is that still the case?

2) If adi-2 is connected to iPad Pro instead through a usb-c to usb-b cable, would Tidal sends higher sample rate to RME? I searched on the forum before and one poster said he could get 96khz from tidal master this way (without Roon).

3) If I use a Raspberry Pi 4 as a streamer and use iPad as a control through Volumic (or any other software), would the sampling rate be kept at 44.1 again? 

Iā€™m a complete noob, so any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks!

Re: Mac/iPad pro/Raspberry pi 4 sample rate (Tidal)

For (3), if you use an RPi4 as a streamer into the RME USB interface it will send the full frequency and bit-depth for both PCM and DSD, assuming you have your streamer setup to do that - it will depend on your streamer software. I use Rune and have it working up to 24/192 PCM and DSD256 over USB from the RPi4.I do not have any music that is higher resolution PCM than 192k so can't check any higher frequencies.

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Re: Mac/iPad pro/Raspberry pi 4 sample rate (Tidal)

for #1 I think that you must check if the "Passthrough MQA" setting is disabled in to Tidal/DAC settings