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Topic: TotalMix FX Exclusive Solo bug??

Hi all.

Please let me know if the following is a TotalMix bug or not.
This is regarding the option in TotalMix "Settings" "Exclusive Solo/PFL Mode".

When first coming across this I thought Hmm what would brother MC say? READ THE MANUAL! So I opened my fat RME manual to the TotalMix Settings section but this "Exclusive Solo/PFL Mode" setting isn't listed there so it must of been added later. I opened the Help within TotalMix & indeed this setting IS listed but no extra information was given so I assumed the following is a bug.

I have a "MAIN" submix with 2 "PHONES" which are mirrored to the MAIN submix. When "Exclusive Solo/PFL Mode" is disabled everything works fine whether using Solos or PFLs, it doesn't matter which submix I click on, the result is the same as expected because they're mirrored.

However with my submixes the same & still mirrored, when I enable "Exclusive Solo/PFL Mode" & click on my PHONES 1 & for example I Solo track 1, then 2, then 3, when I now click on the PHONES 2 or MAIN submixes, tracks 1, 2 & 3 are still Solo, kind of acting like the "Exclusive Solo/PFL Mode" setting is disabled for PHONES 2 & MAIN when it's actually enabled as it's a global setting. This doesn't only happen with my PHONES 1 submix, as in if I Solo'd track 1, 2 & 3 starting by clicking on MAIN first then PHONES 1 & PHONES 2 will act like this instead.

I thought maybe it's a cosmetic bug but the tracks do actually Solo & not just cosmetic.

As soon as I turn off one of the Solo tracks in PHONES 2 for example then all the Solos turn off for PHONES 2, but the MAIN Solos stay on unless I do the same there.

This does NOT happen in PFL Mode, only Solo Mode. When PFL is on, whatever track I turn PFL on for any mirrored submix, it does it to the same tracks in all mirrored submixes which is the correct behaviour I assume.

Thanks for your time.

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Re: TotalMix FX Exclusive Solo bug??

You are aware of, that a newer TM FX version is available for download ?

What recording interface / driver do you use ?
Maybe its even already bundled inside of a driver update, otherwise download and install the new version separately.

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Re: TotalMix FX Exclusive Solo bug??

No sorry I just updated my RME drivers to latest versions assuming latest TotalMix is included.

I'll download updated version now & see if this still persists.

Thanks for your quick reply.

Re: TotalMix FX Exclusive Solo bug??

Ok just tried 1.72 but still persists with same behaviour for exclusive Solo mode.


Re: TotalMix FX Exclusive Solo bug??

I assume you have a UFX+. Manual page 74 explains the Exclusive Solo/PFL mode. It seems you expect something different than what it does. Solo itself is explained on page 64.


Matthias Carstens

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Re: TotalMix FX Exclusive Solo bug??

Hi MC! I hope you are well. Yes I have UFX+.

In the manual I didn't expect to find more info about the Exclusive Solo/PFL setting in the Control Strip section, I went to the Settings section which is where this very setting is found. On page 64 it does not mention how Mirrored submix's should act regarding Solo.

What I expected was that Mirror submix means EXACTLY that.... a mirror.

I'll ask this one plainly.

Is a MIRRORED submix supposed to mirror/copy exactly what I do on another submix which is mirrored to it??  For example with Exclusive Solo/PFL enabled, if I click on a few Solos then check a submix that is mirrored to it, shouldn't the result be exactly the same with the same 1 track Solo'd at a time (Exclusive) ??

Quick video of what I mean  (change the video quality to 1080p if blurry) ::

https://drive.google.com/file/d/16LcTCR … sp=sharing

Thank you MC.


Re: TotalMix FX Exclusive Solo bug??

Thanks for the video. Yes, that is a bug. Will be fixed.

Matthias Carstens

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Re: TotalMix FX Exclusive Solo bug??

Ahhhhh MC Did I just get some RME street cred?

I was going to tell you sorry for wasting your time & close the thread after you directed me to the manual again smile But I couldn't understand this logic & posted video to get straight to the point.

Just to add please keep in mind that this is not only cosmetic but those tracks actually do get Solo'd.

Thanks for your time Matthias!


Re: TotalMix FX Exclusive Solo bug??

Exclusive Solo on mirrored outputs (including Speaker B) now works correctly in 1.73 Beta 3. You can try here:



Matthias Carstens